Weekly Specials on Toyota Solara, and Mustang Convertible Tops

Leather Auto Upholstery in Tucson and your Options

Pre-made custom leather Kits

1964 Mustang Red Leather Pony Seats

 Kits when available for your  every day car.

Hot Rod Total Custom

Euro Leather custom Hot Rod Upholstery

 Handmade from the start, whatever you want.

After Market factory Style Kits

GAHH BMW Z3 Leather bucket seat upholstery

A great value for complete replacement when available.

Original Manufactures Materials

1969 Mod Top Barracuda front seats with OEM floral vinyl inserts

Replacing parts and pieces when damage occurs or warn parts that hey heavy use.

Hand Made to Factory

Handmade Jaguar XKR leather seat upholstery

Exacting skill and quality, when a repair is made and it is so good not even an expert can tell.

Leather Repair

Custom Lightning Audio leather seat upholstery

Small scratches and blemishes can be repaired without replacing any leather.