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Insurance and Your Car

Insurance claim information for your convertible top or auto upholstery.

Custom Leather leather auto upholstery

Your car was broken into, or your convertible top was cut for the loose change in the console, or (true story) a bear climbs into your Mercedes Benz because he smells the cantaloupe in the trunk and shreds the leather seats. 

Things happen and sometimes insurance is the answer. Contact your insurance agent right away for major damage or insurance claims, or for smaller issues, come by Tucson Tops for an estimate to start up the repair process. 

For larger or major insurance claims, Tucson Tops can help make the insurance process as easy as possible. We will take the time to prepare all the estimates and do all the leg work necessary. Most insurance agents and adjusters don't know the auto upholstery and convertible top repair business, but they trust and rely on us to fully repair your vehicle and do the job right. 

When you have an insurance claim, Tucson Tops provides proper professional service and repair with quality parts. The job is done right the first time and completed as promised. In some cases you might not meet your insurance deductible or just choose to pay out of pocket. We can help you there. too. As always, you will receive the same great service and expected results, fast and professional. 

Arizona law allows you to have your vehicle repaired at any auto upholstery shop you choose; most importantly you should choose the shop that you trust to repair your vehicle. Remember to ask questions, inspect the repair facilities, and make the right choice: "Tucson Tops". 

Insurance FAQ

Three convertible tops in front of Tucson Tops


Q. Our car was broken into last week and the convertible top was sliced open. What can we expect the insurance company to do for us? 

A. If you have full coverage the insurance will pay to replace your convertible top, less your deductable.* However a convertible top is considered a wear item, meaning that every year older the top is, it is worth less (prorated). If your car is near new you should expect the full cost of the job be paid, less your deductible. If your top is nine or ten years old don't expect much; it is considered at the end of its useful life.

* Please add total damages, stolen sound equipment, damaged dash, broken glass, personal content loss, and convertible top damage to the deductible equation. 

Q. Does insurance cover my broken convertible top glass window? 

A. The answer is the same as with the above sliced convertible top, with a twist. If you have zero deductible glass coverage, the insurance company might pay in full to replace it, some will and some won't. Call your insurance agent and ask.